EuGeos: sustainability services for business success

EuGeos: advice and support for sustainable business EuGeos: conseillers en gestion environnementale et analyse de cycle de vie (ACV)

EuGeos is a UK-based consultancy established in 2000 offering a range of environmental and sustainability management services: life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon & water footprints, environmental product declarations (EPD) preparation and verification; environmental management, audits and permits

Our philosophy

We listen to our clients and work closely with them to enable them to achieve their own specific objectives quickly and cost- effectively.
By adopting a flexible, innovative approach to the management of sustainability issues throughout the organisation, we can then ensure that environmental initiatives make the most effective contribution possible to our clients' business success.

We are a small, flexible and dedicated team and always 'give our very best' to our clients' projects.

Our approach

We work with you to ensure that environmental and sustainability management delivers business benefits for your organisation:

we listen to your needs and challenges
we focus on your requirements and tailor our services to meet them
we assist your organisation to develop the unique solutions which suit your own specific circumstances

We work to the highest standards, we deliver within deadlines, and we strive to respect the environment in all we do; please see our environmental policy.

Our expertise

At EuGeos we have years of experience in assisting our clients to:

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environmental management LCAs EPDs environmental audits carbon footprinting EMS environmental permits ecolabels GHG reporting ecodesign EPD verification water footprinting

Our resources

Our highly-qualified consultants and associates come from a wide range of industrial, commercial and environmental backgrounds. They have extensive experience of implementing effective environmental management and sustainability programmes in organisations ranging in size from the very small to the multinational. This breadth of expertise means that we are ideally equipped to assist organisations to face the challenges of management for sustainability, where actions for - and communications about - environmental care and social responsibility play an important part in the total performance picture.

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EuGeos: openLCA's UK official partner   EuGeos is the official UK partner of openLCA, the open-source software for Life Cycle Assessment, footprinting, EPDs and more.

Find out more about openLCA and how we can assist you to optimise openLCA

Contact us to discuss how to implement and use openLCA: email or tel +44(0)1625 434423