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Life-cycle assessment (LCA), environmental management and sustainability

Sustainability services for business success

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Our services enable organisations - small and large - to identify and achieve their environmental and sustainability objectives: each and every project we undertake is tailored to the nature, scale and needs of the client.

Analytical techniques for evaluating the sustainability performance of your processes, products and/or services

Analyse, measure and understand the various environmental and societal impacts, including the carbon footprint or water footprint, of your organisation's products and services.
Read how LCA & EPD can benefit your organisation.

Environmental management and improvement pathways for internal systems, products and processes

Manage and improve your products, services and supply-chains to reduce their environmental impacts and make your organisation more sustainable.
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Services to meet regulatory obligations and environmental standards

Comply with environmental regulations and private and public standards to fulfil your obligations (such as obtaining an environmental permit or reporting your business' greenhouse gas emissions) as well as meet the expectations of customers and wider society.

Communication tools and techniques for engaging different stakeholder groups

Report on your environmental and societal impacts, including the carbon footprint of your organisation, its products and/or services to different stakeholder groups

Ensure your customers are clearly informed by only making strongly-supported green claims: learn when and how to use Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and ecolabels.

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EuGeos: sustainability services for business success
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