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Complying with environmental legislation, regulations and standards in the UK

All activities - industrial, agricultural, financial or other - are subject to rules and regulations. And all organisations must comply with these. In addition, a variety of standards and best practices are available to help organisations improve their processes, products and services.

Regulatory compliance

Environmental permits, EU ETS, waste management licences, mandatory GHG reporting, packaging returns . . .   With so many regulations relating to the environment, it is not easy to know which ones are relevant to some specific activities and/or sites.

At EuGeos
  we listen to your concerns,
  review your circumstances
  and help you clarify which are your legal environmental obligations.
Furthermore, we work with you so that efforts to reach compliance also unearth savings and efficiency opportunities.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010
A major piece of environmental legislation which applies to a wide range of activities and sites in England and Wales.
Make sure you comply with the EPR: ring us for a free preliminary chat to find out whether your activities and site are subject to the Environmental Permitting Regulations:   01625 434423.   More about environmental permits . . .

Standards & best practices

Energy and raw materials costs, waste disposal costs . . . environmental issues bear also on every organisation's finances. Stakeholders' environmental awareness can affect their image - and sales.
Tackling environmental issues, learning from best practices and achieving recognised environmental performance standards will bring various benefits , from financial savings to reduced liabilities and access to new markets and investors.

A wide range of standards exist to assist organisations in managing environment and sustainability matters and improving their performance, from environmental management and energy management to eco-efficiency, environmental labels, life cycle assessments and more . . .

Our services

EuGeos will
  help you select which standard/s may be best suited to your specific objectives and markets
  assist you in planning your project and improvement objectives to meet your standard criteria
  review or audit your site and activities
  review LCAs, carbon footprints and water footprints - and verify EPDs

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