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Consultancy services for openLCA, open-source software for Life Cycle Assessment and footprinting

EuGeos: openLCA's UK official partner

What is openLCA?

openLCA is a highly flexible, fast and fully-featured tool for conducting LCA

openLCA is an open source software, designed and improved by GreenDelta since 2006, to carry out Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and footprinting calculations. openLCA is free to download and deploy for personal, professional or institutional use. Being open-source, the software is fully transparent, its source code is freely available and can be modified by anyone.

openLCA: key features

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openLCA: key benefits

openLCA screenshots

Contribution analysis openLCA


Graphic modelling openLCA
Location-sensitive openLCA


Grouping openLCA

openLCA implementation support

openLCA is and will remain a free, open source software. It can be used completely free of charge. Free support is available through tutorials and in the openLCA forum. However, a bit of help and specific support can speed up your learning curve...

openLCA initial set-up and implementation

EuGeos can help you to set up openLCA quickly, efficiently and robustly. For example, we can

EuGeos offers a fast-track implementation of openLCA to suit your specific objectives

openLCA technical support

Three levels of service contract are available:

For more information about what each of these service contracts includes, see openLCA service contracts.

openLCA training

When you have downloaded openLCA, make sure you consult the tutorials and user forum on the website to familiarise yourself with all the software features.

EuGeos' 15804-IA Database for EN 15804-compliant building product EPD

EuGeos 15804-IA Database for EN 15804-compliant EPD

To facilitate the preparation of EN 15804-compliant EPD for the building industry, at EuGeos we have developed a database extension to ecoinvent to allow calculation of specific indicators: the EuGeos' 15804-IA Database to be used with openLCA software.

The latest version of EuGeos' 15804-IA Database - is based on ecoinvent v3_6 and can be used in openLCA v1.10. EuGeos' 15804-IA Database is available to download from the openLCA Nexus website.

prepare EPD

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