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Environmental communications and sustainability reporting
Because telling is also part of doing

Why report sustainability performance ?

Communicating on environmental and sustainability activities effectively and consistently with all stakeholders is crucial for all organisations: whatever the size of your organisation, your activities do impact society and the environment. Don't let others guess how you manage those impacts - tell them!
And make sure that environmental and sustainability information are integrated into your overall marketing communications strategy.

Legislative pressures

In the UK, the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors' Report) Regulations 2013 requires all UK-quoted companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions as part of their annual Directors' Report. In addition, the UK government encourages all other companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions on a voluntary basis.

In the EU, a Directive on disclosure of non-financial information by some large organisations came into force at the end of 2014; EU Member States have two years to transpose it into national legislation.

Successful environmental communications

Successful environmental communications start with knowledge: planning, monitoring, measuring, analysing. Good data are crucial - not only about your operations but also about your 'audiences'.

Successful environmental communications must also be integrated into your organisation's overall marketing communication strategy.

Monitor, measure, analyse . . .

Data are everywhere: data from environmental management (emissions, wastes etc), data about products or about supply-chain performance. To become useful information, data must be captured, analysed, explained. Make sure you develop a systematic approach to data capture and management.

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. . . then communicate

Formal environmental reports are only one format available to communicate sustainability information.
Successful environmental communications rely on careful preparations:

Communication is a two-way mechanism: don't forget to collect feedback and act upon it!

Robust and credible data, consistency and transparency are the building blocks of your sustainability communications. Without them, environmental messages risk turning into 'greenwash'.

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Identify who you are communicating with

  • internally: employees
  • externally:

  and how: verbally, in print, electronically . . .

Channels and messages

  • stand-alone environmental reports
  • sustainability reports
  • connected/integrated reports
  • regulatory reports: GHG, returns ...
  • section in Annual Report
Other communication channels
  • labelling and packaging
  • EPDs
  • social media campaign
  • media advertising

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