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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training courses

Learn how to get the most of LCA, EPD, footprints and more

Who will benefit from LCA training?

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What you will gain

Our LCA training courses aim to develop the skills and knowledge of LCA users - current and prospective.
Based on years of LCA experience working with various organisations, our LCA training courses are carefully designed so that you will:

Note: our LCA training courses do not cover the use of specific software tools. For our LCA work, we use openLCA, the open-source LCA software, for which we offer dedicated consultancy and training.

Training format

Our LCA training is available at 3 levels; all 3 courses are designed for in-house delivery and can be tailored to your specific circumstances. The User's Guide to LCA is our most popular course; take a look at the course outline (pdf).

LCA discovery

  • basic concepts
  • simple case studies
  • beginner level
  • half-day course

User's Guide to LCA

  • concept definition
  • LCA application
  • intermediate level
  • one-day course

LCA in depth

  • complex applications
  • critical understanding
  • advanced level
  • two-day course

openLCA training

EuGeos: openLCA's UK official partner   EuGeos is the official UK partner of openLCA, the open-source software for Life Cycle Assessment, footprinting, EPDs & more.

If you have downloaded openLCA, make sure you consult the tutorials and user forum on the website to familiarise yourself with all the software features.
To fully benefit from openLCA and speed up your learning curve, EuGeos provides openLCA training in the UK. We offer group courses which cover installation and use of the software; individual training is also available. More specialist training in LCA techniques or openLCA software development can be arranged. Contact us to discuss your requirements: email or tel +44(0)1625 434423

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