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Environmental permits in England & Wales

Many businesses need an Environmental Permit to operate.
But don't just comply: make sure compliance also adds value to your operations!

The regulatory and legislative background

The environment - air, water, landscape, biodiversity, land, resources - surrounding us and supporting our survival is protected by a range of rules and regulations, amongst which pollution prevention and waste controls are particularly important.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations are a major piece of environmental legislation which impose a single permitting procedure for industrial activities, waste operations (and some farming and mining activities) in England and Wales. Regulated businesses must apply to the Environment Agency in England or Natural Resources Wales for an Environmental Permit and operate according to its conditions - or register for an exemption.
Since first publication in 2010, the EPR have been regularly amended. The 2013 amendment aligned the Regulations fully with the EU Industrial Emissions Directive; in 2015 an amendment introduced enforcement undertakings. The latest version dates back to 2016.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016


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pollution prevention and waste controls are major objectives of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations

The permit application process

Preparations must commence well in advance of the deadline for permit application. EuGeos' Environmental Capability Audit enables operators to plan essential preparatory work that must be completed prior to the application. Often this will highlight opportunities for financial savings too!

We work closely with you to

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EuGeos will help you to understand your obligations and extend your environmental management system to address all the necessary operational areas covered by the Regulations.

We ensure that pursuit of BAT (Best Available Techniques) is embedded within the organisation so that compliance becomes a matter of routine.
We also ensure that performance measurement is built into all areas of your environmental management system. This will reduce the workload involved in preparing site returns for the Environment Agency and the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR).

Key elements of the environmental permitting regime

Site Condition Report (SCR)

A SCR is a detailed description of the site, its activities and history. It forms a crucial element of your permit application. The exact form of environmental assessment needed for each report depends upon the level of risk present and the extent of existing knowledge about past activities on site.

EuGeos' phased approach to preparing your site report delivers a document that is an effective baseline against which your property stewardship can be judged in future - while keeping sampling and analytical costs to a minimum.

Environmental management, compliance and improvement

Your permit application is not only a justification to the Regulators of the way your operations are run, it is also an important internal document that provides guidance to managers, to be used in conjunction with Regulatory Guidance Notes as a foundation for future improvement programmes.

At EuGeos we make sure that your application
- meets the regulatory requirements
- is a useful and useable management tool

Changes, amendments and surrender

Whenever you modify your operations, increase or decrease your site boundaries or introduce some other change which could affect the conditions of your existing permit, you must check whether a variation is needed. Similarly, if you substantially reduce your operations - or close down the facility altogether - you will need to surrender your permit.

Variations and surrender

Contact EuGeos to discuss any changes you are planning to ensure your site and activities remain compliant with the Regulations.

Environmental permit and environmental communications

With your permit application documentation available to the public - and pressure groups, and data on emissions from your site published via the E-PRTR, it is more important than ever for operators themselves to put this data into context for stakeholders through site or company environmental reports.

Draw on EuGeos' experience to compile effective reports efficiently, and do not find yourself left out of the debate about your own environmental performance.

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