EuGeos: sustainability services for business success

EuGeos: sustainability services for business success

Life cycle assessment (LCA, EPD & footprinting), environmental management and sustainability consultancy for a circular economy

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Measure and analyse

the environmental impacts of your organisation's products and services, including their carbon footprint.

Manage and improve

your products, services, processes and supply-chains to reduce their environmental impacts.


the environmental performance of your products and the sustainability achievements of your organisation to all your stakeholders.

with standards, legislation and regulations

to meet your obligations as well as the expectations of customers and wider society.

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For environmental management advice, LCA studies, EPD preparation or verification and for sustainability strategy and research,
contact EuGeos :     tel: + 44 (0) 1625 434423     or email:

EuGeos: openLCA's UK official partner   EuGeos is the official UK partner of openLCA, the open-source software for Life Cycle Assessment, footprinting, EPDs and more.

Find out more about openLCA and how we can assist you to optimise openLCA.

Contact us to discuss how to implement and use openLCA: email or tel +44(0)1625 434423

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